Luke Combs doesn't get recognized with the frequency of some artists. Heck, even when he tries to bring attention to himself, people dust him off, which the "Better Together" singer finds real funny.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Combs says that since he shaved his head and started to wear a mask, he has more or less become a ninja. He could sing a Luke Combs song at karaoke in this getup and people wouldn't look twice. He could stand under a speaker playing one of his songs and a passersby would keep passing.

That has actually happened, but it was in Europe. So, OK ... he's probably not on Spotify billboards or European television shows with as much frequency as he is in America. A recent incident in Los Angeles might prove the point, though.

Combs had just finished filming his performance for the 2020 Billboard Music Awards and was eating dinner on a restaurant patio nearby. The BBMAs had aired in much of the U.S., but started on a delay on the west coast.

"And so they started late, and we're eating dinner outside on this patio," Combs starts. "By the time we left, my performance hadn't aired yet, but the awards were on the television. When I left I was like (to his server) 'Hey, if you look at this TV in like 10 minutes, there's gonna be a fat dude on there that looks a lot like me. But it's not me though.'"

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"He was like, 'Alright guy.'"

The server blew him off, which was just fine for Combs. It might even be better than fine, as Combs is a bit of prankster in this way.

"I find myself doing that for my own amusement some times," he says.

"Better Together" is Combs' current single from his What You See Is What You Get album, the deluxe version of which was released on Oct. 23.

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