Ever lose your laptop and hope it would be returned. It was this week to a woman in California from Rockford, Illinois. However, the story is not a happy ending.

The computer, that was accidentally left on a plane years ago, contained priceless memories.Stephanie Cooper stepped off a plane accidentally left behind luggage in 2012. She knew she had left it the minute the plane she was on left the gate and fly away.

The laptop was in a bag under her seat along with her hard drive. On that drive, like the rest of us, are pictures of family vacations and memories of two of her kids.

According to ABC- Chicago, "Can't put a price on it, an amount it would be worth to get those back," Cooper said.

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Fast forward to 3 years later in 2015. Finally, a box comes to her door. Not from the airline, but from a woman at The Chicago Rockford International Airport here in Rockford. Apparently, the woman turned on the laptop, checked the desktop and found a shipping label with Cooper's phone number.

Fed Ex delivered the laptop straight to Cooper's doorstep, but the lap top was found with the bag, but no hard drive of family memories.

The lap top was returned from a good person in Rockford, but the original thief used the lap top after it was lost. You can tell by the sign in dates on the lap top which was last used 6 months after it was left on the plane.

Here's where all of us can help. The hard drive could still be out there, somewhere along with the pictures.

If you come across one, anytime or anywhere, you may think about returning it to Stephanie Cooper.

Come on Rockford. We are so close on doing a good deed completely with a happy ending.