Email scams are becoming more and more prevalent in the digital age. It seems there's a new one that you need to be on the lookout for. According to the Macon County Sherriff's Office there's a new scam on the horizon or should I say your email browser. So this is how it works, a victim gets an email that looks like it came from the United States Postal Service saying something about a package for you. The victim clicks the email and gets an alert message saying their email has been compromised and that they need to call a certain phone number.

scam pic

Once the victim actually calls the number the person running the scam makes them purchase Google Play gift cards to pay to fix the issue. Then, the scammer asks for the gift card number to get the issue fixed and then the victim is asked to buy more. This scam has just started recently so be careful clicking any emails that you don't recognize the sender on. If you have been a victim or know anything else about this scam, call the Macon County Sherriff's office

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