It's hard to remember a time when UPS wasn't at Rockford's airport, officially dubbed Chicago Rockford International Airport. Yes, there was a time but it feels like forever when UPS officially "landed" in Rockford High above Rockford. The sound of one of UPS's jets soaring above Rockford as it lands at the airport is almost like white noise. Some nearby residents will even tell you they don't even notice the planes going to and from Rockford. The latest development for UPS is their new toy. You might spot one of UPS's newest planes, the 747 8F, which is officially their biggest plane yet, landing in the forest City.

UPS has ordered 14 of these beasts in an effort to "invest in profitable growth." Wait until you read the dimensions of this plane.

Length: 250ft 2in

Width: 224ft 5in

Height: 64ft 2in

Max Payload: 307,600 lbs

Cruising Speed: 564 mph Range: 4,200 nautical miles

Yes, this is a massive plane, but it won't be any louder than UPS's 747-400. In fact, according to this press release, the new 747 8F will be 30% quieter.

It is 30 percent quieter than both the 747-400 and the MD-11.

How about a peek inside UPS's new baby?

You can learn more about the new addition HERE.

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