The Top 10 Snobbiest American Cities list has been released. Thankfully, this is a list that does not include Rockford on it. However, there is a local city on it that shocked me. Do you agree? Movoto Real Estatejust released a list of the top 10 snobbiest cities in America on it. Based on housing, average income, number of art galleries, and percent of residents who graduated from college on it. Nearby Madison, Wisconsin comes in on the list.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

1) San Francisco

2) Washington D.C.

3) Seattle

4) Scottsdale

5) Oakland

6) Portland, OR

7) Irvine, CA (Tie)

7) Honolulu

9) Madison, Wisconsin

10) Atlanta

Congratulations Madison, I guess for the national recognition. I can tell you this. I love Madison and have never found this survey to be true. Go up to Madison around Halloween and you will agree that this list is way off base.