Everyone has that one celebrity crush that makes their heart swoon. And we all know the rush of excitement when the opportunity comes to see them. For Lil Zim (in case you live under a ROCK) that's Keith Urban!

All that aside, it's almost concert season. Which means- COUNTRY THUNDER! And guess who is going to be there... KEITH URBAN! And, in honor of Lil Zim and Q98.5, we want to be your ticket to get there. And since it's almost Valentine's Day and the ~season of love~, we wanted to spice up our gift to you! 😉

We want to pamper you before you go to see Keith at Country Thunder. How do some nice flowers and a spa day sound? Good? Then stick around and get in on this!


The Prize

How to Enter?

Just get social with us! The more you like, comment, share and subscribe, the more entries you get!

For more information on the event, go to the Country Thunder website. Also, check out our Contest Rules before entering.

Get in on this before it's too late! OR, before Zim nabs it from ya!

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