It's not uncommon to see these annoying insects this time of year, but the amount being reported already this year is staggering.

While these are not insects that bite or sting, they are a complete annoyance and make any outdoor task unenjoyable. What makes it worse is that the sheer number of swarms are already the largest many experts have ever seen and warm spring weather hasn't even really arrived yet.

Illinois's Gnat Swarms Have Grown to Alarming Sizes

Unusually large.

That's the quote from experts about the bugs known as chironomid midges or non-biting flies.

You know he wasn't just 'covered' in them, he probably swallowed quite a few as well.

Why are there so many gnats in Illinois this year?

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NBC Chicago went looking for the answer to that question, Allen Lawrance, associate curator of entomology at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum had only this to offer.

This is a natural phenomenon.

Ok, well that's not really an answer at all.

Lawrance did offer a little bit of comfort to us by saying,

it's not the end of the world times or anything like that.

It's good to know that he doesn't see these enormous gnat swarms as any sign of end days.

I don't know why the math isn't 'mathing' either, @theduke_03.

How to Best Live in Illinois, a State Under Siege by Gnats

A few summers back, I was building a fence in my backyard, and being covered in gnats was making the job next to impossible to complete until my neighbor gave me the best suggestion for gnat repellent.

You won't like the way the best repellant for gnats will leave you smelling, but at least it 100% effective at keeping them away, at least it has always been for me.


Vanilla Body Spray is the Best Gnat Repellant

Find it at Walmart for six bucks.

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