If you're having a bad day what is your feel good remedy? Perhaps wine? Maybe ice cream? Now you can have both all in one bowl. Grab your spoon and check this out!

Stockbyte, ThinkStock

This is why I love Facebook. As I was scrolling down my news feed the other day, I came across this on the Hot Moms Club Facebook page. Wine ice cream? Seriously? This just made any breakup, ladies night, or Mom's timeout a whole lot better. Yes, I do love my beer, but when I want to feel more "girly" or fancy I like to drink wine. As for ice cream, that and chocolate are good anytime with me.

So of course I had to find a location near us, and we are in luck! You can find Mercer's Wine Ice Cream at the Hy-Vee on Dekalb Avenue in Sycamore, which just so happens to be the only location available for Illinois.

Just in case a trip to Sycamore is not in the cards for you, I did find this red wine ice cream recipe so you can try something similar at home. Now you never have to worry about it being sold out.

If you try any of these please let me know what you think! See ya! I'm off to Sycamore...