After watching the Barbie episode of The Toys That Made Us on Netflix an ad for a barbie appeared on Facebook. Strange, right?  What's even more strange is the type of "Barbie" that appeared. It wasn't a Barbie at all but, instead, a knockoff doll looking somewhat like the traditional Barbie. The catch? This "Barbie" is preggo, with a baby inside is belly. Cue the "what the heck" sound effect.

Yeah, preggo Barbie, officially labeled "Pregnant For Barbie Doll,Have a Baby In Her Tummy ,Pregnant Tummy and Baby." (That's a belly mouth full... typos and all.)

Obviously, it only takes one look to know it's not the Barbie brand. And, by reading the description, you'll learn the notes are not written by a major toy manufacturer. There are no punctuations as well as broken sentences like, "Flowers do not include." Flowers do not include what? What are the flowers not including with this amazing must-have doll?

People have actually purchased this doll, too. Check out some of the reviews.

Her belly falls of easily to expose the baby (not breach) but is hard to get back on. I've left this doll out to show as a conversation (laugh) piece. It cracks everyone up. - kp

Another review on quality,

Legs broke in 5 minutes...tummy is falling down...the kid is very dissapointed (sic). - Piggy  B

I have so many questions, but if you want to buy this doll click here.

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