Ok, calm down. It's not exactly what you think, but the person responsible for this posting makes a very good point.  (It made my heart stop too at first.)

Holiday shopping is on everyone's mind these days. You can't do anything, or go anywhere without being bombarded by Christmas. We've also all, at some point in our lives, included a new pet or puppy on our Christmas wish list. Hand raised here. I always dreamed of getting a puppy wrapped in a box with a big red bow like in 'Lady and the Tramp.' It never happened, and maybe that was a good thing.

Check out this posting in the "pets" section of the Las Vegas Craigslist - Rehoming Child to New Home. Need Gone ASAP.

Makes a good point, doesn't it?  A new puppy for Christmas from Santa or Grandma and Grandpa might go down in history as the best Christmas ever, however it's a big commitment. Make sure you, or the person you are giving a pet to, is ready for the time and love that comes along with it. The pet deserves an awesome present too; a loving and devoted family for life.

If a new family member is truly what you are ready and wishing for, then be tuned in at 8:40a.m. every Wednesday for the Q98.5 Pet of the Week. Your new fur baby may just be a car ride away and waiting to meet you.