If you're a fan of buddy cop-capers such as 48 Hrs. and Rush Hour, there's a good chance you saw — and loved — Ice Cube and Kevin Hart's Ride Along. The 2014 comedy centers on security guard Ben (Hart) as he struggled to win the respect of his girlfriend's police officer brother James (Ice Cube). Their attempted bonding session, a simple 24 hour ride along through Atlanta, proves to be more dangerous than anticipated. It was also as hilarious as you'd expect a Hart and Cube team-up to be. Now the pair is back for more misadventures in Ride Along 2, in theaters Friday!

In the sequel, James is about to become Ben's brother-in-law as Hart's character prepares for his wedding. But first, the pair will head to Miami to take down a major drug dealer who's been flooding their native Atlanta with product. What could possibly go wrong?

Olivia Munn, Ken Jeong and Sherri Shepherd round out the cast, and Tim Story returns to direct. Watch the trailer above and experience the bigger, badder and even funnier Ride Along 2 when it hits theaters on Friday!