Kelly Clarkson isn't the only member of her family who is capable of running a talk show.

The singer's kids, Remy and River, made a special appearance on their mom's TV show on Nov. 13, taking over some of her hosting duties and grilling guest Jason Momoa about his role in DC Comics' Aquaman movie.

"Do you know the Little Mermaid?" River asks Momoa in the above clip, which makes the audience let out a resounding "Awwww."

"Ariel? Yes, Ariel’s very sweet, she’s very nice," he responds.

"She’s also a redhead, so ...," he continues, turning to Remy. "I’m gonna teach you about redheads someday. They’re very passionate!"

Another question that has plagued both audiences and Clarkson's kids? "Where does Aquaman go to the bathroom?" River wonders aloud.

Momoa's answer to this age-old question? "Everywhere!"

Clarkson then asked Remy if he had any questions for the Game of Thrones actor. Remy remained quiet; however, big sister River encouraged her brother to speak up, saying, "Hey, you like Aquaman, you watch it! Come on."

"[He’ll] just chill with Aquaman," Momoa says before giving Remy a high five as the interview comes to a close.

Clarkson revealed in an interview with People in 2018 that her daughter is a huge fan of the DC Extended Universe, specifically Wonder Woman. "She loves Wonder Woman … and she’s like, ‘I River. But I’m like Merida, [the protagonist in the Disney movie Brave], I brave,'" Clarkson says of a conversation she had with her daughter.

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