Season 16 'Dancing With the Stars' champion Kellie Pickler returned to the dance floor on Saturday (March 8), but this time, she used her voice -- not her feet -- to captivate the crowd.

The country star performed at the Ballet Ball 2014 in Nashville at the Schermerhorn Symphony. The ball celebrated its 25th anniversary, raising money for programs that bring dance classes to local children.

As she sang two songs from 'The Woman I Am,' the Nashville Ballet company danced along, and Pickler couldn't have been more excited about the opportunity.

"I am so honored Nashville Ballet chose me to perform as part of their Ballet Ball this year," Pickler expressed before the event. "My passion is music, but last year I discovered how much I love to dance, so to have Nashville Ballet dance to two of my songs is really exciting for me. I cannot wait to see the how they choreograph their dances for the Ball."

The 'Closer to Nowhere' hitmaker didn't disappoint during her performance, as a source tells People, "Kellie did an amazing job performing at Ballet Ball, which benefits Nashville Ballet. It was fun to see dancers bring her songs to life, and she even showed off a few of her own dance moves! She told the dancers they looked like angels and she has a sincere appreciation for what they can do."

After the Ballet Ball, Pickler took to Twitter, expressing her excitement over the evening with a perfect 10: