Keith Urban's "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" will put you in the holiday spirit.

The track is Urban's first holiday song to be released in 2019 and is an ode to classic Christmas tunes. "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" is built around a '50s inspired doo-wop pop sound, with a heavy emphasis on piano, sliding electric guitars, twinkling sleigh bells and a waltz drum beat. It is not a heavy departure from sounds Urban has explored in the past, with the most notable comparison being his 2016 hit single "Blue Ain't Your Color;" however, "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" contains a more naturalistic production, lending more authenticity to the sound.

The more organic production gives Urban's voice the room it needs to breathe. With more airy and soft production, the superstar can showcase his vocal range, which is most notable on the chorus as Urban transitions from his gentle middle register to his enthusiastic upper belting range.

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"I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" is a holiday treat that focuses on brining the holiday cheer to the one he loves. "I'll bring the magic / I'll bring the lights / I'll make you a star / At the top of the tree / Shinin' so bright," Urban sings.

"I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" follows Urban's hit single "We Were," which was written by Eric Church,  Ryan Tyndell  and Jeff Hyde. Church is also featured on a version of "We Were."

Keith Urban's "I'll Be Your Santa Tonight" Lyrics: 

It should be all green and gold / Watching snow / Comin' down, Charlie Brown / And everybody gathered 'round the tree / The weatherman says / It ain't gonna snow this year / And the fog is too heavy / To cut a path for the reindeer / Your sister's stuck in Denver / And your momma can't come / But you don't have to be alone / (I'll tell you why)


I'll bring the magic / I'll bring the lights / I'll make you a star / At the top of the tree / Shinin' so bright / You don't need a chimney / 'Cause I'll be your fire / Let's put a kiss at the top of your list / We can be naughty or nice / Don't worry baby / I'll be your Santa tonight

I don't need no presents / Tied up with pretty bows / I got everything I need / When I'm / holding you so close / From now until forever / Every Christmas Eve / Baby, you can believe in me / (Yes you can)

Repeat Chorus 

Mistletoe / The lights down low / When I hold you in my arms / You'll be the one getting caught / Kissin' Santa Claus / Yes you will, pretty baby / Baby

Repeat Chorus 

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