At a recent tour stop in Canada, a pair of fancy-pants dancers caught Keith Urban's eye. In fact, they impressed him with their dancing skills so much that the superstar asked them to join him onstage!

Urban shared a video of the moment on his YouTube page. In the clip -- taken at the Calgary Stampede in July -- he begins a chord of 'Better Life' before calling out to the dancing couple.

"And we had a couple people dancing over there like crazy," Urban says while trying to spot them in the crowd again. "Where are you guys at? You wanna come up?"

He asks the duo if they've got anything left in them, since they've been dancing the whole show. Of course, they do, and they make their way up to the stage. The pair embraces before Urban starts his acoustic version of the song.

They waste no time twisting, turning and dipping in front of the crowd. The girl's pink shirt flies around as the guy dances with her near Urban. At one point, he even lifts her onto his shoulders! Urban's smile at the end of the song says it all: he's obviously a fan of the dancing fans. He hugs them before ending the song and walking off stage. Watch the clip to see for yourself how talented these Canadian cuties really are.

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