Before Katelyn Jae became famous as country star Kane Brown's better half, she was best known as an up-and-coming singer with one killer voice. So, it stands to reason that fans are wondering: Could there be a time when husband and wife collaborate together on a song?

Turns out, the missus isn't averse to the idea. “Yeah, maybe," Katelyn tells Taste of Country. "You never know."

And while recording a song together might be a tad down the road for the adorable couple, they do enjoy singing together in their spare time. "We always sing the song 'I Told You So,'" Brown notes, laughing. "I sing Randy Travis' part and she will take Carrie (Underwood)'s part."

If it were up to Brown alone, he would find a way to entice his wife to get onstage with him to sing together at a show on his Kane Brown Live Forever Tour. But right now, Katelyn sounds a tad uneasy about even doing that.

"I don’t know if I can do that," admits Katelyn, who says she is back in school studying music business and management. "Maybe if I have a glass of wine. But you never know."

Either way, just watching her man inspires her. "It's incredible how effortless it is for him to get in front of so many people, especially in these arenas,” she says. "It's pretty incredible."

Little does she know that Kane says his confidence comes from him knowing that Katelyn is out there watching him.

"She used to be side-stage when I would perform, but now she is usually by the soundboard," the country star says. "So basically, I'm singing to her out there."

The couple were married on Oct. 12, 2018, in front of 200 friends and family at Mint Springs Farm in Franklin, Tenn.  Brown is set to get back on the road for a show in Rockford, Illinois, on Feb. 15.

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