Want to know Justin Moore's thoughts on being named the 2014 ACM New Artist of the Year? He's not holding back.

“It’s about F***in’ time!" Moore says in a video on his Facebook page and YouTube channel.

The 'Point At You' singer made his message loud and clear on Facebook, thanking fans through a video. Says Moore, "Pardon my French. It's about F***in' time! We won. Thank you guys so much. We are gonna enjoy this."

He adds, "I will never be able to repay you for doin' this for me and my family, and everybody who busts their rear ends for me on a daily basis. God bless you guys. Thank you for this opportunity."

Moore is obviously ecstatic about this honor, and his acceptance speech on Sunday (April 6) made that point clear. He was visibly emotional about finally receiving this award, and it's been a long, hard process to get there ... but one that was worth the wait.