After being gone from The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon is back on the air, with all 10 of his fingers.  Here's how he nearly lost his ring finger.


Jimmy Fallon returned last night to television and explained the accident that occurred when he fell and caught his wedding ring on a table edge.

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Last night was Fallon’s first fresh “Tonight Show” in more than two weeks. The show had a summer break scheduled before Fallon’s injury. Fallon says he spent 10 days in the I-C-U at New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center. He credits the doctors and nurses there with saving his finger according to WGN.

He appeared on his show last night with his left hand heavily bandaged. Fallon says his time in the hospital gave him the opportunity to reflect on what he should be doing with his life.

He says his job is to make people laugh who are in an I-C-U or who are suffering. Fallon adds, “get out of that hospital!”

Glad to have him back and we cannot wait to see his next "THANK YOU" segment on Friday night.