Jerrod Niemann and Lee Brice's "A Little More Love" music video continues the song's "spread the love" message and tropical vibe -- and from watching the clip, the two buddies had an awful lot of fun making it.

The "A Little More Love" video begins with Niemann and Brice waking up on a beach -- after a late night of fun, likely -- and discovering that they've missed their flight. But when a man on a treasure hunt leads them to a suitcase full of cash, things take a turn for the better.

"He tells us to go spread the love, so that's what we do: We go to this used car lot, buy an El Camino with horns on the hood and try to help people out," Niemann tells Rolling Stone Country, naming off the video's characters: "There are some kids at a lemonade stand, and we hook them up. Some women whose car breaks down. A businessman who needs a break."

Readers can press play on the video above to watch the "A Little More Love" music video. Niemann says there's no one he's rather have recorded this particular song with than his good friend (and new labelmate).

"As a friend, he’s done so many wonderful things for me, and we’ve shared a lot of great memories, and share a lot of fans out there, too; we’ve had some great times," Niemann says of Brice, adding, "There’s a lot of great things around us. We’re always aspiring to have something different, something tangible, but it’s the intangible that makes life what it is.”

Brice initially found the song, then offered it to Niemann because it sounded like something he'd record. But when he listened to it a few more times, Brice decided that he also wanted to get in on the tune.

“We always talked about recording music together, so we thought, ‘Why don’t we go do it? Just figure it out?'” Niemann says. “We went old school: We stood in the same room. We used two different mics, but we sang at the same time, like back in the day when you had to. It made it way cooler, I guess, the vibe of being there together and capturing the essence of the hang in the studio.”

Lee Brice Discusses "A Little More Love"

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