Jennifer Nettles and Carrie Underwood make playing the Grand Ole Opry look easy. The pair got together on the historic stage recently to play their own rendition of a well-loved Dolly Parton classic.

Nettles started '9 to 5' with a dance in her low-cut black dress with sheer sleeves and long fringe. The singer looked every bit a lady with embroidery around her cleavage. Her unique voice was backed with a full band as she danced and stomped her strappy heels to the beat.

It wasn't until about halfway through the song that the Sugarland frontlady screamed, "Ladies and gentleman, Carrie Underwood," igniting a very excited crowd. Underwood then shimmied her way onto the stage in a little nude sparkly dress and matching heels. She emphatically hit her notes as she walked to join Nettles. The duo's vocals complimented one another perfectly and the saxophones made the song come to life.

Nettles and Underwood sang to one another with high intensity before finishing the song with a bang. "Not bad for no rehearsal," Underwood said after a perfect delivery, smiling from the stage.

"I know it, I know," was Nettles' response -- obviously believing the duo did Parton proud. We can't help but agree.

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