Hopefully, Jake Owen is a good driver! The 'Beachin'' singer is taking some time away from his busy career as a country megastar on Friday (Nov. 21) for an ubercool reason.

Ridesharing service Uber has teamed up with the digital music service Spotify, and Owen is helping them celebrate! Uber allows folks who need a lift to open an app in order to snag a ride and make it to their destination safely. Friday, however, unsuspecting people throughout Nashville will be getting the surprise of a lifetime when Owen shows up to chauffeur them around!

We can just picture it now: Owen rolls up, country music blasting and beach-themed accessories lining the car ... Ok, so it may not go down exactly like that, but still very cool! At the very least, the country singer will be driving his guests and maybe even helping them with their new Spotify playlists. With a ride like that, who would want to make it to their final destination?

Owen is the only celebrity driver in the Nashville area, although the celebration is going down in 10 cities across the U.S. Andrew W.K., the Sam Willows, Ximena Sariñana, Ansiktet, Professor Green, Diplo, Matt and Kim, Ricki Lee and Kevin Drew are participating in other cities.

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