Fathers all around the world hold down all sorts of different jobs and handle all sorts of work situations—but they're all the same when it comes to their kids. Jake Owen proves this point on Father's Day (June 17), sharing a picture showing that no matter what Dad does, his kids will always be first and foremost in his heart.

Owen, of course, is a musician whose job entails playing live shows. He's also a dad to a little girl, Pearl, who pretty much can't stay up all that late due to her young age. However, she managed to make it through an entire show recently, and a friend of Owen's caught a cute snap of her checking out her dad from the sidelines.

"This might be one of my favorite pictures I've ever seen," noted Owen, explaining that he was lucky to have Pearl with him on the road all weekend. While his little girl usually tuckers out and wants to sleep or play with her dolls on the tour bus, she "rocked on" all the way to the encore.

"No matter what you do, be there for him," Owen sagely advised fellow fathers. "You are their guiding light."

Owen has been open about the changes his daughter has made in his life. As he noted back in April, she's made all the difference. "There was a time when I was just a guy singing songs," he said. "I lived like a vagrant and I was losing sight of what’s important. People don’t really talk about it a lot, because maybe it's not cool, but it’s so different when you are 23 and 24 getting your record deal and having great success and you are young ... It's not until you actually reach those quality things in life that it dawns on you. I mean, without it, there is just not a lot of substance."

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