You don't have to look too hard to find people who will criticize TikTok for several different reasons. And sure, it has some negatives, but that's true of just about anything. I like to look on the bright side, though, and focus on the positive aspects of TikTok. For example, I just learned, thanks to TikTok, that caterpillars have some crazy dance moves - and I learned how to get a group of caterpillars to shake their booty and body.

Caterpillars Can't Resist a Dance Party

The TikTok below shows you just how easy it is to get some caterpillars out on the dance floor. You just gotta get them hyped up a bit, and they will go as long as you do.

@the_detail_specialist #viral #hilarious #funny #fyp #asmr ♬ original sound - Anthony Carrera

Why Do Caterpillars Wiggle Like That?

Here comes the educational portion of the article. If simply seeing the caterpillars wiggle like that wasn't interesting enough for you, perhaps learning WHY they do that will be. I'm going to assume you know that caterpillars don't actually "dance," in fact, caterpillars don't even have ears. So, if they can't hear, how do they know when it's time to get down and boogie? Well, they're not wiggling because you are yelling at them.

Caterpillars can detect the vibrations made by your yelling, or another loud noise - and these vibrations indicate a potential threat. Simply put, wiggling is an automatic defense mechanism. They hope to scare off whatever it is that may want to do them harm.

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Photo by Krysten Merriman on Unsplash

You might be concerned about the well-being of your friendly neighborhood caterpillars, and if yelling at them like this is harmful. I can tell you that I haven't found any information to suggest that loud noises hurt the little creepy crawlies, after all, they don't even have ears. I like to compare it to videos we see of people scaring each other. Does doing that cause harm to humans? Maybe just a little bit, but it doesn't stop us from laughing at it.

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