Like many trends that go out of style and make a triumphant return down the road, typewriters are cool again in at least one popular bar in Wisconsin.

Vintage, Retro, And Old School Styles Are Very Popular In Wisconsin

If you've ever traveled throughout the state of Wisconsin, then you know the residents enjoy their vintage, retro, and old-school styles. Of course, once something breaks huge, it becomes very unpopular. Eventually, down the road, it comes back again.

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People love wearing vintage clothes, having retro furniture, and rocking with old-school turntables. Even the bars try to get into the flashback fun because everyone loves nostalgia. These taverns will host themes, trivia, special nights, and so much more. This latest trend is ingenious and very unexpected.

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Typewriter Tuesday In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Bar Hosts Typewriter Tuesday

Look out tacos because you now have new competition for owning the theme of Tuesdays. Don't worry, I'll always be a fan. Recently, a bar called The Estate in Milwaukee started a very unique but interesting theme night. It's called Typewriter Tuesday.

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The owner of the bar had a newfound appreciation for the typewriter. He started purchasing some old-school ones at second-hand stores. On nice days, he would bring one outside in the beer garden and just start typing away. Others started following his lead and bringing their typewriters too. It started to become a "thing."

The Estate hosts Typewriter Tuesday every week. from 5 pm to 8 pm. On nice days, they sit outside. It is BYOT (bring your own typewriter) but you don't need one to hang out.

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