I believe one of the hardest jobs ever has to be a prison guard because you never know what crazy actions to expect from the inmates.

Prison In Illinois Is No Joke

I remember several years ago when Rockford was trying to get a tax passed to earn money to build a new prison in town. I was given a tour of the old jail and it was a really scary place. It's not somewhere you want to spend a lot of time. There are some serious criminals living out their sentences in those cells. Most of the inmates are there for committing crazy crimes. Spending time in that situation wasn't going to change their behavior.

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Illinois Prison Guards Have An Extremely Difficult Job

I salute the prison guards in Illinois who put their lives on the line every time they go to work. The inmates are there for a reason and that's doing bad things. Living behind bars doesn't stop most of them from doing it again. The prisoners have no problem hurting their fellow criminals so you can only imagine what they would attempt to do to the security.

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Wisconsin Inmate Flashes And Punches Prison Guards

Wisconsin Inmate Flashes And Punches Prison Guards

This frightening incident happened recently at Grant County Jail in Lancaster, Wisconsin. The inmate in question was serving a previous prison sentence when he decided he would like to stay much longer. Apparently, he enjoys the three hots and cot lifestyle. Not everyone gets out early for good behavior.

According to channel3000.com,

As a couple of guards passed by his cell, the inmate thought it would be a good idea to expose himself to them. They didn't appreciate the gesture, so they approached the criminal. Then the prisoner attacked the officers. One was sent to the hospital and luckily, the other wasn't hurt as badly. At least, the bad guy didn't try hitting them with "it." He's going to spend a lot more time in his cell.

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