Thieves in Wisconsin keep getting braver with former porch pirates not carjacking actual postal vehicles full of mail.

Being A Postal Worker Is A Difficult Job

I would say that being a postal worker isn't a very easy job. First of all, you're outside every single day fighting the elements. They can probably count on one hand the number of days each year when the weather is perfect for their gig. Also, most of them are walking their entire routes. They have to make sure they deliver the right mail to the correct address. Then, think about working during the holidays like Christmas when the loads expand greatly.

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Milwaukee Postal Worker Robbed

A United States Postal Service employee in Milwaukee was out on his route delivering mail. It was at the end of his day sometime after 5 p.m. At that point, an armed gunman approached him from behind. He stuck the weapon in his back and demanded the keys to the vehicle. The suspect took off with the mail truck full of packages and letters. I'm sure the robber thought he hit the jackpot.

US Postal Service Posts 3.5 Billion Dollar Quarterly Loss
Stolen Wisconsin Postal Truck

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Milwaukee Police Capture The Vehicle Thief

Luckily, the postal worker wasn't hurt. A couple of hours later, the police found the vehicle abandoned just a few miles from the crime scene. Soon after, they caught up with the suspect and arrested him. Where that guy is going, he won't have to worry about mail for a long time.

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