I definitely wouldn't expect an armed robbery at a photo shoot but it happened in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Photographer Takes Pictures Of Rare Duck

I have a couple of friends that are photographers. They love going out and taking pictures. Especially, of unique things. They're always looking to make upgrades with the latest and greatest equipment. It's not cheap so I don't blame them for being very protective of it. It doesn't matter if they are professionals or amateurs. It's all about taking the perfect photo.

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man shot with a photo camera
Wisconsin Photographer Robbed At Photo Shoot

According to jsonline.com,

A wildlife photographer in Wisconsin was very excited because he had heard about a rare Mandarin duck sighting in Milwaukee. He tried to capture the unique animal in the past but came up empty-handed. You can normally only see them in places like a zoo. This time, he wasn't going to miss his chance. After a successful photo shoot of the bird, he headed to another location for more pictures.

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Wisconsin Photographer Robbed At Photo Shoot

Wisconsin Photographer Held Up During Photo Shoot

The photographer was in such a good mood after catching the rare duck on film, he decided to take some more pictures of wildlife. He headed to one of his favorite spots to do so. That was St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee. He parked and started unloading his gear. Just then, a man armed with a rifle approached him and demanded all his equipment.

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Wisconsin Photographer Robbed At Photo Shoot

Wisconsin Photographer Stands Up To Thief During Robbery

The photographer could tell the young thief was scared. He didn't think the criminal wanted to hurt him so he took a risk that isn't recommended in this kind of situation. When told to hand over the equipment, he refused. Then the robber asked the victim if it was worth getting hurt over. He replied no. The suspect panicked. He grabbed one piece of gear and took off. It was worth only $80. The value of the whole lot was $40,000. He was very lucky.

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Police Car Lights
Wisconsin Photographer Robbed At Photo Shoot

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