If you ever wondered what it would take to be banned from owning a bicycle in Wisconsin, then I've got an interesting story for you.

Wisconsin Man Arrested Several Times For Multiple Crimes

Our dumb criminal of the day lives in Madison. He's achieved quite the criminal record over the past couple of years. He is so well known by the local police for his wrongdoings they often keep a tight eye on him to see what he'll try to pull off next.

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His current criminal record includes five burglary incidents. Plus, five other cases involving bail jumping. That is just the latest problem he's been arrested for. The list goes on and on like a long sad book.

Wisconsin Man Banned From Owning Bicycle

Wisconsin Man Arrested For Stealing Bicycle

The Madison man was on his way to court. He didn't have a ride and refused to walk so he decided to break the law again. This time he stole a bicycle to make it in time to face the judge. One of the victims of his previous thefts, witnessed him taking the bike so he took some photos and sent them to the police.

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The police arrested the man for stealing the bike. They also received security camera footage of a bicycle theft from an apartment building parking garage. It was the same suspect. He has a big issue with stealing the two-wheeled vehicles.

Wisconsin Man Banned From Owning Bicycle

According to WMTV News,

The 31-year-old man was banned from owning a bicycle due to five other open cases involving burglaries, the Madison Police Department explained.


A victim from one of the man‘s previous cases knew he was not allowed to own a bike, saw him on his way to the hearing and sent photos to the police.

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