Wisconsin family forced to call rescue workers after their pet cat got stuck in the hamster's cage.

Wisconsin Families That Own Pets Live Interesting Lives

I personally can not remember a time without any kind of pet. I grew up with dogs. Now, my family has cats. I really enjoy having pets around. They make things more interesting. Especially, if you mix and match different types. It is funny, we had a couple of cats and our daughter had a hamster. The kitties could not care less about the hamster. That is not always the case.

According to channel300.com, 

Wisconsin Cat Gets Stuck Inside Hamster Cage

A family in Madison had to call the local fire department for some help. Apparently, in their house, they have two pets, a cat and a hamster. Unfortunately, the cat was not a big fan of the hamster and would go after it all the time. On this particular occasion, the cat was able to get the actual cage door open and slipped inside. Once it was in the cage, the cat couldn't move. It was too far away from the hamster and could not get out the door. The poor animal was stuck.

Fire Truck 911
Wisconsin Cat Stuck In Cage After Going After Hamster

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The family couldn't free their pet so they were forced to call the fire department. When they arrives, the firefighters worked on freeing the cat but weren't having any luck. The animal got so freaked out it eventually freed itself. After the experience, the hamster needed a little alone time in its plastic ball. Both animals are fine.

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