You've see one UFO video you've seen them all, right? Wrong.

This video was shot on June 23rd 2021 in Springfield, IL and it's about the most amazing and unbelievable UFO video you'll see AND it's so close to home.

Here is what the person that shot the video said about it:

(Mufon) says: "I'm no expert or trained pilot or observer so I'm not sure what it is but I've never seen a plane do this and I heard no sound for it to be a helicopter I've uploaded video and photos with what could also be orbs in both."

So here's the actual video of the Springfield, IL UFO. The thing that gets me is the no sound...So if it's a plane, a helicopter, etc, you would HEAR SOMETHING? Right?


Another unique factor of this UFO sighting, check out how dang bright those lights are! Ever seen a helicopter or a plane with the bright of lights coming from it, unless it was right in front of you? What about the "scanning" look that the lights have. It appears as if it's searching for something, maybe a human to kidnap, or maybe a Burger King...not sure.

With so many UFO videos out there, this is by FAR one of my favorites and the fact that in happened a month ago, a couple hours away....that's crazy.

Thanks to AIR.TV for the awesome footage.

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