A group of three thieves recently made an interesting score from a popular Illinois department store that included a couple of thousand dollars worth of fragrances.

Illinois Thieves Steal Perfume From Department Store

It almost sounds like the beginning of a joke but unfortunately in this situation, there's no punchline. Three friends from Illinois thought it would be a good idea to become thieves for a career. The trio recently completed their latest crime. It was a pretty good score for a small job.

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They went to the Kohl's department store in Arlington Heights. The group walked into the building and headed straight to the fragrance section of the retail outlet. They grabbed a bunch of full and expensive perfume bottles. In all the score was worth over $2,000. Not bad for a little job.

According to patch.com, 

An employee of Kohl's, 800 W. Dundee Road, reported at 8:15 a.m. Nov. 14, three subjects stole approximately $2,200 worth of fragrances.


They arrived and left in an unknown dark gray sedan.


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Stolen Perfume From Illinois Store

Part of the descriptions of the suspects are very interesting. Some of the items included a Chicago Bears hat, New Balance shoes, a North Face jacket, long dreads, and a puffy jacket to name a couple of things. At least they look stylish during a robbery.

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Question About Being A Thief In Illinois

There is one question I would love to ask a thief sometime down the road. That is how they decide what to steal. At times, it seems really random. The items can be very strange. I wonder if they keep the stolen stuff for themselves or try to sell it.

The Most Bizarre Items Ever Stolen From Illinois Residents

My mom once told me that "people will steal anything that's not nailed down." Times certainly have changed since then. The thieves now have nail removers.

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