If you're planning on taking a vacation sometime soon, I definitely don't suggest using this type of transportation to get to an Illinois airport.

How Are You Getting To An Illinois Airport?

You've saved up some extra money and your vacation days, so you've planned a big vacation. All the plans are figured out except for one little detail. How are you getting to the airport? That's why flying out of Rockford is so convenient. It's easy and reasonable to park there. Plus, dropping off or picking up a passenger is no problem.

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Of course, most airports aren't like the one in Rockford. It's usually really expensive to park your own vehicle. Especially, over several days. Even taking the bus has gotten pricey. Plus, you're stuck with their schedule. If you ask a friend or relative for a ride, you better plan on paying them back tenfold because that's a big ask.

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Stolen Vehicle Driven To Illinois Airport

Illinois Man Drives Stolen Construction Vehicle To Airport

Okay, it's just a couple of hours before your flight and you don't want to miss it. You're still without a ride. There's no extra vacation budget for transportation. What do you do? Well, this guy in Illinois decided it was worth breaking the law. You're never going to guess how he got to the airport.

According to foxillinois.com, 

A southern Illinois man has been charged with theft for allegedly stealing a backhoe to drive about 10 miles (16 kilometers) to an airport to catch a flight, authorities said.


Security camera footage shows a Carbondale man arriving at Veterans Airport of Southern Illinois atop a backhoe and leaving it in the airport parking lot Thursday, the Williamson County Sheriffs Office said.

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Say cheese, Illinois!