Road rage in Illinois can be a frightening thing so your best bet is to avoid it at all costs.

Experiencing Road Rage In Illinois

You know what's funny, I haven't thought about road rage in a long time. I can't control the traffic so I don't let it bother me. There are still plenty of people driving on Illinois roads that lose their minds in a drop of a hat. Those drivers can be very scary. Just last week, I had a car behind me honking like crazy. The guy flipped to the Hulk very quickly. Unfortunately, those vehicles weren't going anywhere fast because of all the construction. Luckily, the angry soul's bark was worst than his bite.

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You hear and see these sad stories all over the media and the internet. Victims get seriously injured or even lose their lives just for driving like a bonehead. They don't mean any harm but you cross the wrong person and that's it. It's definitely the kind of situation you want to completely avoid.

Road Rage In Illinois
Road Rage In Illinois

Five Ways To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Road Rage In Illinois

#1 Slow Cars Get Out Of The Left Lane

  • This is a big source of many road rage incidents in Illinois. Slow drivers stay in the left lane and don't get over. That makes the faster drivers very angry because they can't get by.

#2 Don't Tailgate The Driver In Front Of You

  • So, we just talked about slow drivers in the left-hand lane. If you get stuck in that position, remember to treat others how you would like to be treated. Just because they drive slowly doesn't mean that aren't grumpy people.

#3 Common Courtesy While Merging Or Changing Lanes

  • If you're in a merging situation and someone cuts you off, just back off and let them in. When the shoe is on the other foot, don't just pull in front of someone and make them slam on the brakes. Make sure to use your turn signals and that you have enough room to get in.

#4 Never Look At A Angry Driver

  • The best advice you could ever give out about road rage is this. When someone starts to get really angry at you on the road. Definitely avoid confrontation. Leave that area ASAP. If you feel in danger, call the police.

#5 Just Relax And Go With The Flow

    • When you're getting ready to hit the road, especially in heavy traffic, just think about relaxing. Pretty much everything is out of your control. If you chill, the trip with be much better.

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