For some reason, I'm fascinated by abandoned buildings which I believe is because of what the former businesses leave inside when they close.

Memories Of Chuck E. Cheese In Illinois

I remember discovering Chuck E. Cheese when I was a kid. It combined a couple of my favorite things which were pizza and video games. Also, I liked collecting the tickets to win prizes. Even though many children were afraid, I enjoyed the animatronic show with the mascot and other characters. I had a couple of birthday parties there back in the day. I believe my parents didn't mind going there because they served beer.

Why Do Illinois Businesses Do This When They Close?

Have ever looked inside a store or restaurant in Illinois after they've gone out of business? The former owners usually leave a bunch of stuff behind. Sometimes, they leave the whole place intact but just shut down. I've never understood why they do it. You would think they could sell everything for some cash. It seems like such a waste.

Abandoned Chuck E. Cheese In Illinois

I found a video of an abandoned Chuck E. Cheese in Matteson. It shows the inside of the former restaurant and of course, there was a bunch of stuff left inside including video games. It looked like it wouldn't take much to reopen the location. I was shocked. Check out the video...

I wanted to find out if this was a common practice with Chuck E. Cheese so I searched for another abandoned location. I discovered one in Vernon Hills and it was pretty much the same thing. Check out the video...

I also gathered some photos from both locations for you to check out. Isn't it strange?

Abandoned Chuck E. Cheese In Illinois

Photos Of Illinois Abandoned Chuck E. Cheese Locations In Matteson And Vernon Hills

Gallery Credit: Mall Aholic Retail Adventures

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Photos Of Bum's Castle In Harvey, Illinois

Exploring Inside Illinois' Infamous Bum's Castle In Harvey, Illinois

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