Without a doubt, Illinois has a very good reputation when it comes to making delicious food. And when a spot is recommended, you know it's going to serve you some food that you won't forget. Here are the four most highly recommended restaurants by the foodies in our state!

5 Most Iconic Restaurants In Illinois

# 1 Pequod's Pizza

Illinois, especially in Chicago, is known for its deep-dish pizza. Of course, there are delicious pizzerias to check out all over the state. There are famous joints that most of the time are over-rated. Then, there's the place for deep-dish pizza. That's Pequod's.

Review from Randa on Yelp,

5 Stars. Pequods is the best deep dish in Chicago and Chicagoland. Point. blank. Period.



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# 2 Gene And Jude's 

Another famous food from Illinois is the Chicago-style hot dog. If you want to try an honest-to-goodness dog, then you might as well try the one that is ranked number one in the whole United States. That's Gene and Jude's. All they serve is hot dogs and fries.

Review From Meggy On Tripadvisor 

5 stars. Delicious true Chicago hot dogs. Simple tasty and great price.



# 3 Al's Italian Beef

If you want to get a taste of Illinois, your next meal should be an Italian beef sandwich to complete the foodie trilogy. Al's is number one in the Windy City so that should tell you something.

Review From Shawn On Yelp

5 Stars. Seriously This place has it's own ratings. No one does beef like Al's The prep and the giardiniera wow.


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# 4 Kuma's Corner

Maybe burgers are your thing. Don't worry Illinois has you covered for that too. Kuma's are great but they are music-themed too which is a cool bonus.

Review From Michal On Tripadvisor

5 Stars. It's a really cool place with a heavy metal theme. Great music, very good food and really nice staff. Definitely worth a visit.





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