When it comes to being arrested, it isn't always the major crimes that get big-time criminals busted.

Littering Is A Major Trouble In Illinois

As you're driving around Illinois, have you ever noticed how disgusting the side of the roads always are? It makes me sick. I can't believe some residents are such jerks that they'll just throw garbage out of their car windows. It makes me so angry when I see someone do it.

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Illinois Litter Bug Arrested 

I have no problem with people getting busted and fined by Illinois police for littering. It just sucks for the cops because they've already got so many other things to worry about. In this case, it paid off because it led to a much bigger arrest. It's like Al Capone getting put away for tax evasion.

Littering Leads To Bigger Arrest In Illinois

Recently in Joliet while out on patrol, officers witnessed a man chucking trash out of his vehicle window. They ran his license plates and found an issue with the car's registration. The police pulled over the driver. By the way, the passenger side window was missing too. A simple search discovered a gun under the seat.

According to patch.com,

Officers stopped a Dodge Caliber near Western Avenue and North William Street for a registration violation and littering from the vehicle.


Corey Ross was taken to the Will County Jail early Friday evening on charges of being an armed habitual criminal, unlawful use of a weapon by a convicted felon and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

When will these criminals learn? If you're going to break the law, then don't attract attention to yourself. It's simple crime 101.

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