I'm guessing that going through the donations for a charity thrift store would be a very interesting job but I believe finding anything dangerous could be the last thing the employees would expect to find.

The Experience Of Shopping At A Thrift Store

I'll admit that I'm not much of a shopper but I really enjoy going to thrift stores. Maybe, it's the treasure hunt to find something unusual and possibly worth some real money. I like the feeling of nostalgia when discovering an item I owned in the past.

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Working At A Thrift Store

To say that working at a thrift store would be interesting is an understatement. I could only imagine the things they find in the donation bins. I'm sure they experience something new every day. There's probably good, bad, and everything in between.

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Bomb Found In WI Thrift Store Donations

Bomb Found In Donations At Wisconsin Goodwill

Let's take a trip up to Wisconsin for this story. The location is the Goodwill store in Janesville. An employee was going through donations and taking inventory when they discovered an unexpected item. There was a bomb. The local police determined it was a live cluster bomblet and ammunition.

According to abc7chicago.com, 

Bomblets are part of cluster bombs which contain multiple explosive submunitions.


Used during battle, the bombs can be dropped from planes or fired from the ground.


The Goodwill Store In Janesville Was Evacuated

Believe it or not, the company has procedures for situations like this one. I'm not sure if think that's good or kind of frightening. The officers safely evacuated the building. They called in the bomb squad who removed the explosives. The store was back open a couple of hours later. The authorities are currently investigating the incident.

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