The greatest fictional super secret agent of all time will be honored with a special new exhibit at one of the amazing museums located in Illinois.

One Of The Greatest Fictional Characters Of All Time

Throughout the entertainment industry's history, many incredible characters have been created for books, television, movies, and more. One of the best if not the greatest, is 007, James Bond. The fictional secret agent was the brainchild of author, Ian Fleming.

The James Bond character was then taken the the silver screen and the 007 series went worldwide. The movies are famous for the iconic actors that played the role through the years, the beautiful Bond Girls, famous soundtracks, and of course, the secret agent's mindblowing gadgets.

Honoring A Cinematic Legend In Illinois

The Museum of Science and Industry is hosting a very special exhibit in honor of James Bond. It's called 007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond. The showing will kick off on March 7th and run through October 27th.

According to,

Explore the iconic cars, gadgets, and props of the James Bond film series.


007 Science: Inventing the World of James Bond is the first-ever official exhibition to focus on the science and technology behind the world’s longest-running movie franchise.

More Details About James Bond Exhibit

This special exhibit will cost extra on top of your general entrance fee for the museum. They suggest purchasing your tickets in advance. There are evening hours available. I've experienced events like this one in the past and the Museum of Science and Industry does a great job. I went to a Marvel one a few years ago, here are some pictures to check out.

Photos of Marvel Exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago

Photos of Marvel Exhibit at Museum of Science & Industry in Chicago

Gallery Credit: Photos by Double T from 96.7 The Eagle

For more information about the James Bond exhibit, HERE.

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