A fight between an Illinois couple turns violent when the man was hit by his girlfriend's car.

Some Couples Are Just Not Meant To Be

Being in a relationship is not easy. Many people that have been part of a couple understand sometimes it's just not meant to be. You can try and try but it's just not going to work. Hopefully, they figure it out early enough so there isn't a lot of ugliness. Things can get nasty between two people that don't get along but won't break up.

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Illinois Woman Hits Boyfriend With Car After Argument

Illinois Woman Hits Boyfriend With Her Car After An Argument

According to patch.com,

This terrible incident between an arguing couple happened in Joliet. The fight between the suspect and her boyfriend started in their residence. The victim had enough of the yelling so he decided to leave. His girlfriend chased him out the door. She hopped in her car and started to follow him. The disagreement continued down the block. That's when things got violent. The woman swerved towards the guy and hit him with her vehicle. His leg was injured so he called the police.

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Man and woman after fight
Illinois Woman Hits Boyfriend With Car After Argument

The suspect took off from the scene of the crime. Police were able to track her down at a local shopping mall. Unfortunately, the woman has a bad history with many orders of protection against her through the years. Hopefully, now they will finally break up.

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Illinois Woman Hits Boyfriend With Car After Argument

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