Illinois police searched a suspicious-smelling teen and discover an illegal gun.

Illinois Criminal Breaks Big Rule Of Breaking The Law

Since I'm not a criminal or play one on TV, I don't know the official rules of breaking the law. If not drawing attention to yourself isn't on the list, then it definitely should be. Think about how many suspects are busted because they weren't good at being inconspicuous. All they had to do was stay on the down low and it would have been all good. Instead, they end up in jail. For example, having a car trunk full of illegal drugs but the vehicle has no tail lights. That's just dumb.

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Weed-Smelling Teen Arrested For Illegal Gun

A car of four teenagers was pulled over by police while cruising through Evanston. They were driving in the bicycle lane. Plus, the front license plate was missing. When the officers approached the vehicle they could smell a strong odor like someone had been smoking pot. Also, there was weed visible on the floor. The passengers were asked to exit the vehicle. The officers search the suspects. One of them had an illegal gun with two magazines of bullets. All four teens were arrested.

Supreme Court Upholds Use of Drug-Sniffing Dogs In Traffic Stops
Illinois Weed-Smelling Teen Arrested For Gun

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In People v. Hall, the panel noted state law requires legally possessed cannabis to be transported in an odor-proof container while in a car, and the odor alone can not establish whether the quantity of marijuana is above the legal limit, so a reasonable officer who smells weed in a car "would believe someone in the vehicle was at least transporting cannabis in a manner violating the Vehicle Code."

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