No Illinois businesses are safe from being victims of crime, especially in this current climate where thieves have absolutely no fear of breaking the law and getting caught.

Where Did The Illinois Robbery Take Place

The incident happened just a couple of days ago. It was during the overnight hours. The location was in the Bronzeville neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The victim business was a locally owned gyro stand called Gyros 47.

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Illinois Thieves Steal ATM Machine
Illinois Thieves Steal ATM Machine

Thieves Steal ATM From Illinois Restaurant

The thieves were driving a SUV. It's a safe bet that the vehicle was stolen. They used a new method that burglars across Illinois have adopted. It's called the crash and grab. The suspects steal a car. Then, they smash through the front of the business for easy entry for the criminals. The crew rushes in and takes as much merchandise as possible. After, they jump back in the vehicle and take off. It's a fast and easy crime but very damaging for the owner.

According to,

Police said, shortly before 3:30 a.m., two burglars used a Jeep Cherokee to damage the front of Gyros 47 near 47th and Calumet, then went inside and took the ATM.

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In this case, thieves went in and took the whole ATM. That's a very brave move because they are heavy and difficult to break into. Since it was just a small local business, I'm guessing they were cash-only and had the money machine as a convenience for their customers. Now, they have to deal with all the damage.

According to,

The offenders fled in an unknown direction. No injuries were reported and no arrests have been made.

The Most Bizarre Items Ever Stolen From Illinois Residents

My mom once told me that "people will steal anything that's not nailed down." Times certainly have changed since then. The thieves now have nail removers.

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