If you don't believe in karma, this incident might change your mind because a shoplifter in Illinois bit a police officer while trying to escape then a few minutes later she was bitten by a K-9 dog.

Shoplifter In Busted In Joliet

This strange incident started a couple of nights ago at a Walgreens in Joilet. An officer received a call about a shoplifter at the store. While he was filling out a report, there was another thief at the location trying to steal some merchandise. She was stuffing items into her purse when she spotted the cop.

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At that point, the suspect was afraid of getting arrested so she flew out the door to try and escape. The officer was hot in pursuit. He caught up to the shoplifter at a short fence behind the building. The cop was able to get a hold of the woman but, of course, she was fighting to get away. Even the threat of a Taser didn't stop her. Eventually, she bit the policeman in the hand so he let her go.

Karma For Illinois Shoplifter

The suspect was hiding in some bushes near the Walgreens. The officer called for back-up. Soon after, the K-9 unit arrived. The cops warned the shoplifter if she didn't come out and surrender, they would send in the dog to get her. She didn't listen so they sent the canine in after her. Of course, she gave herself up after getting bitten by the dog. I would call that some karma.

According to patch.com,

Later, the officers returned to Walgreens to inspect Bravato's purse, finding the stolen merchandise, plus rocks of crack cocaine she had in her possession, according to the body camera video.

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