Congratulations to this group of Illinois police personnel that recently made a huge drug bust including several pounds of meth.

Massive Drug Bust In Illinois

If I was on Jeopardy and it was my turn, I would ask the host for the category of "Dumb Criminals Committing Stupid Crimes" for $500. It doesn't seem to matter how many suspects get busted for pulling a job like that, no one learns from other people's mistakes so they all just keep getting arrested. That's good for the rest of us that know better.

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I'm not a criminal and I don't play one on TV but I may know more than some Illinois residents that try to break the law for a career. The reason they are committing crimes is because they didn't pay attention in school and are trying to make a quick buck. Too bad, they didn't learn a little bit of commonsense because that might help.

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If there was a 'How To Commit Crime Class," I think this would be one of the first lessons. While breaking the law, don't attract attention to yourself. For example, if you've got a carload of illegal drugs in your vehicle don't speed. You're just asking to get pulled over. Of course, so many criminals do that and get immediately arrested.

Emergency vehicle lighting
IIL Drug Bust

So here's what happened in this situation. Three people were driving on I-57 in southern Illinois when they got pulled over for a traffic stop. There you go, attracting attention to themselves while carrying a load of drugs.

The local K-9 unit was called in. The trusty dog sniffed out some meth. There were 33 pounds of it found in the vehicle. Those folks were arrested and will be spending some time behind bars. Nice work by our officers in Illinois.

Marion Police Department

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