This unique school crossing guard proves as long as you love what you're doing, it doesn't matter what your job is.

Memories Of School Crossing Guards In Illinois

I have some memories of school crossing guards in Illinois. My first experience with them was in grade school. They always seemed grouchy like depicted in TV shows and movies. There was a lot of waving their handheld stop sign and yelling at children, parents, bus drivers, and pretty much anyone else that would cross their path.

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As I moved up grades, the patrol duties were taken over by the older students in the school. Most of them really didn't pay too close attention. They joined to get out of class early. I was surprised to see when my daughter went to grade school, the stereotype of a school crossing guard was still the same. I thought it was funny that the one for her school sat in her car pretty much the whole time.

Illinois' Most Entertaining School Crossing Guard

Not All School Crossing Guards In Illinois Are Mean

I was happy to see this story about a school crossing guard in Illinois. She actually loves her job and the students. The woman brings happiness to the world every day and that can really make a difference in people's lives. The people holding those positions don't have to scare the children to get their job done. Hopefully, other school crossing guards hear about this woman and start acting in a more positive way toward the kids.

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When Tammy Anderson is at work for Beasley Academy in Chicago, she is known as the Dancing Crossing Guard. Each day, this amazing woman brings big smiles to students, teachers, parents, bus drivers, faculty, and just about everyone she interacts with.

Tammy is known for her sweet dance moves while helping the children safely get across the street. But that's not all, she has plenty of hugs, smiles, and positive thoughts to put all the residents in a good mood.

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