Don't get worried if you hear a loud strange noise, it's only my stomach growling because I just heard about Italian Beef Fest coming to Illinois this summer.

Illinois Welcomes Very First Italian Beef Street Festival Coming To Chicago

When it comes to food and nutrition, there are five basic food groups across the United States but in Illinois, there are only three. Those are deep-dish pizza, Chicago-style hotdogs, and Italian beef. You can't eat much better than that.

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It's funny because I've eaten plenty of Italian beef sandwiches at events in Illinois but I've never attended a festival focused solely on the Italian beef sandwich. Since it's such a popular food item in our state, I'm expecting a big crowd.

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Here are some information about this truly unique festival

  • Chicago's First Ever Italian Beef Street Festival
  • June 29th and 30th
  • 12 pm to 10 pm
  • Free admission (donation encouraged)
  • Bridgeport neighborhood (3100 S Morgan in Chicago)
  • Multiple Italian beef Stands
  • Live Music
  • Beer and other cocktails
  • Vendors

The city of Chicago is the best location to host the Italian Beef Festival. Mainly, because it was invented there and has a long history with the popular sandwich. I remember growing up in the suburbs there were locally owned joints throughout the area. My friends and I were always looking out for the next delicious one.

Italian Beef Festival

I'm definitely planning a road trip this summer into the Windy City to check out the Italian Beef Festival. I'm picturing Taste of Chicago but all the vendors only selling the tasty sandwich.

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