This latest grocery store robbery in Illinois proves you can't stereotype thieves and what they will take the risk to steal during a heist.

Robbery At Illinois Grocery Store

It was a Jewel on York Street in Elmhurst. It happened around 1 p.m. on Sunday afternoon during broad daylight. From my experience, that is a high traffic time for shopping. There are usually a lot of families stopping after church to load up on food for the week.

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Here's What Happened During This Illinois Robbery

Three women walked into the grocery store and grabbed a cart just like they were customers. They filled it with merchandise and took off through the exit doors. The suspects hopped into their getaway vehicle which was a SUV. The trio drove like maniacs through the parking lot to escape.

Illinois Grocery Store Robbery
Illinois Grocery Store Robbery

What Did These Illinois Thieves Steal?

I always find it interesting in what thieves will take the risk to steal. There are plenty of options in a grocery store so I'm guessing you want to get the most bang for your buck. The suspects only stole two types of items. That was a shopping cart full of meat and liquor. At least they went for the essentials.

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Is There A Criminal Dress Code In Illinois?

In the description of the suspects, it sounds like they were dressed for success. One of the ladies was wearing leather pants and another was rocking a short skirt. The overall appearance of them wasn't like your ordinary average thief. Maybe, they had dates after the robbery and that was what the meat and liquor were for.

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