Illinois sports fans must experience an iconic stadium in a new and different way.

The Famous Wrigley Field Is More Than Just A Pro Baseball Stadium

It doesn't have to be a game or even during baseball season for Wrigley Field to be a special place. Just do a quick drive-by of the northside landmark and you can see for yourself. It's part of the history of Chicago.

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Of course, the legendary field is most known for being the home of the Chicago Cubs but there's much more to experience at Wrigley Field. It has become a multi-use facility. Plus, the surrounding neighborhood is pretty darn cool too.

MLB Opening Day Postponed Due To Coronavirus
Golf At Wrigley Field (Getty Images)

Wrigley Field hosts many other including other sports. College football has featured games with the University of Illinois and Northwestern—the Winter Classic Outdoor Hockey game with the Chicago Blackhawks. I even remember attending a Chicago Sting soccer match when I was a kid.

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One of the best places for outdoor summer concerts in Illinois is at Wrigley Field. Bands like Pearl Jam, AC/DC, Tom Petty, and many other artists have graced the stage in center field.

This spring you can do some golfing at Wrigley Field. The course will be open from May 10th through the 13th. You'll hit your tee shots from the upper deck down to the greens set up right on the field.

Upper Deck Golfing

There's even a clubhouse located in the 1914 Club for some refreshments after you're done with the round. This sounds like a great experience for a Cubs fan who likes to golf.

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