Where there's a will there's a way and that goes for the criminals sitting in jail wanting to get high.

Sneaking Contraband Into Illinois Prisons

It's nothing new. Inmates in Illinois are always looking for ways to get forbidden items snuck into prisons. If they can figure out a successful way to do it, that could mean making a good living while they're locked up. Have you ever noticed in movies and TV shows, there's that guy who can pull it off?

According to wgntv.com,

New Method To Sneak Drugs Into Illinois Prisons

When it comes to the list of banned items that are the most in-demand by inmates in Illinois prisons, my guess for right at the top has to be drugs. They are constantly trying to figure out ways to pull it off. This new method is pretty creative along with being really sneaky.

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Drug dealers are producing drugs in liquid form. They take that product and spray it on things like paper, letters, and greeting cards. It's dropped in the mail and delivered straight to the cells. The inmates will tear it up into smaller pieces. That way they can either ingest or sell it for good money.

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To transfer cash for payments between the drug dealer to inmates and inmates to inmates, they use digital money apps on the internet. The whole system is pretty ingenious. It's a shame the bad guys can't use their minds for good instead of evil. Prison officials have set up a stricter screening process but with the amount of mail that comes through each facility, it's difficult to catch everything.

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