How does this driver in Illinois crash his car through the middle of a hair salon?

How Does Somebody Crash Their Vehicle Into A Building?

You hear about it on the news all the time. People are crashing their vehicles into buildings. Honestly, I can't figure that one out. The building is standing still. It's not going to move and is definitely in plain sight. The driver has the ability to change the direction of the car with the steering wheel. How about hitting the brakes? I just don't get it.

Illinois Driver Crashes Into Hair Salon

Excuses For Crashing Into A Building

I have basically come up with a couple of legitimate excuses for a driver to crash into a building. Number one, ice. If you hit a slick spot, there's no controlling which direction you're headed. Though, you should slow down to avoid a risky situation like that. I'll definitely give a medical problem some leeway. If you pass out behind the wheel, the building doesn't have a chance. Finally, a mechanical issue is out of your hands. If the brakes go out, there's no way you're stopping before smashing into a target.

Illinois Driver Crashes Into Hair Salon

Stupidity Is Not An Excuse To Crash Car Into Building

I'm sorry, but being dumb will not give you a pass for crashing into a building. If you don't know how to drive or operate your vehicle, then the state of Illinois should take away your license.

Young woman showing her driver's license
Illinois Driver Crashes Into Hair Salon

According to, 

An 85-year-old driver smashed into the Hair Cuttery in Plainfield Thursday after mistakenly putting the car in drive rather than in reverse, according to police.


Plainfield firefighters and paramedics treated and received refusals from several people on the scene.

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