Calling 911 for help backfired on this Illinois man because he ended up getting arrested for drugs.

Their Own Stupidity Gets Dumb Criminals Arrested

There's a good reason dumb criminals get arrested for stupid crimes. Many times they can blame it on their own stupidity. Do you notice that people with common sense don't end up on the news? It's because they know better. The idiots are already showing off their brilliance by breaking the law. Then they take it to the next level by attracting attention to themselves. That's how they end up getting busted. I'll give you the perfect example.

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911 Call For Intruder, Cops Find Drugs Instead

Illinois Man Calls Cops About Intruder And Gets Busted For Drugs

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This suspect was at his home in Elmhurst. He was convinced there was a home invader somewhere on the premises. More specifically, hiding in his bedroom closet. Well, it was at night so maybe it was the Closet Monster. He didn't want to take any chances, so the guy immediately called 911.

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When the police arrive, they search the place from top to bottom for the alleged home intruder. They found no one. Not even in the closet. They did discover something else very interesting. A bunch of illegal drugs. No wonder why the homeowner was so paranoid. This guy got himself arrested. The cops would've never been there otherwise. Can you say genius?

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